1.2MHZ,14V Step-up DC/DC Converter
The XR2204D is a high frequency, high efficiency DC to DC converter with an integrated 4A, 0.1 Ω power switch capable of providing an output voltage up to 14V. The  fixed 1.2MHz allows the use of small  external  inductions and capacitors and provides fast transient response. It integrates Soft start, Comp,. only need few components outside. 
■ Features
1.6V to 6V input voltage Rangel
Efficiency up to 96%
14V Boost converter with 4A switch current
1.2Mhz fixed Switching Frequency
Integrated soft-start
Thermal Shutdown
8-Pin SOP Package
■ Applications
Handheld Devices
GPS Receiver
Digital Still Camera
Portable Applications
DSL Modem
TFT LCD Bias Supply
Pin Configuration 
■ Typical Application Circuit
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