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Our Advantage

Xysemi Technology direction

Low Cost Series

●Patented Device Technology
        Increases  Power Density/ Simplify BOM design
        Reduces    Die Size/ IC package
        Reduces    Cost
●Advanced & Exclusive Process Technology
        Improves  Circuit Performance
        Reduces    Process Variation
        Improves   Part-to-Part Uniformity
We can offer lower price with better performance
High Integration Series
 XySemi Solution has:
        1. No external MOSFET
        2. No external inductor
        3. No external charge pump
        4. No feedback and compensation
        5. No external current sensor
        6. Capacitors half size 
We can offer Simpler Power Management Solution
Advantages of High Integration Product Series
●Smaller, Thinner  ---   Higher Frequency
    - Save up to 70% board area: Inductor/Capacitor size smaller, 
      less external component
    - Thinner:  Inductor size smaller   
●Easy to Use (Plug & Play) ----  Higher Frequency
    - Simplify supply chain, external component reduce down to 2 capacitors
    - a plug-and-play solution to customer, no hassle to debug
    - Higher reliability, no chance of making mistakes during development
    - Shorter time to market
    - Customers can focus on its own core technology
●Better System Performance --- Higher Frequency
    - Faster dynamic response    
    - Lower ripple
    - Lower noise:  smaller solution size minimize input/output loop, 
      switching noise is well 
confined within a very small region
    - Higher efficiency
    - The final solution is optimized by XinYuan’s professional team